Former NFL Running Backs, Adrian Peterson and Le'veon Bell, have both made a lot of noise on and off the field throughout their careers. They managed to make headlines again as the two have signed contracts to face-off against each other in the boxing ring.

Peterson and Bell are set to square off in the ring on July 30th at Crypto Arena in the undercard fight on the social Gloves 2, Promoted by Tik Tok star Austin McBroom.

LivexLive's Social Gloves: Battle Of The Platforms PPV Livestream @ Hard Rock Stadium
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This is McBroom's second time putting on a social media themed boxing event, but many are skeptical after McBroom reportedly lost Millions in 2021 in his last boxing event. The Tik Toker overestimated his pay per view performance leaving many of his fighters unpaid. McBroom has reportedly settled all outstanding payments and has said to be more prepared for this event.


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Adrian Peterson and Le'veon Bell are certainly the biggest names McBroom has acquired so far and they will go along way in boosting pay per view performance. The money details of both contracts have not been released yet.

With neither Peterson or bell having any prior boxing experience, who has the best shot of winning this match? Well, lets see how the two stack up.

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Adrian Peterson Peterson is 37 with a height of 6ft 1in and weighs in at 220 pounds. The former NFL MVP does not have any previous fighting experience but was known as a bruiser and heavy hitter during his days in the league.

In college, Peterson impressed his Oklahoma teammates with his intimidating strength as he once recorded a max bench press of about 400 pounds. I would look for Peterson to use his strength to his advantage and try land some hard blows on Bell. Despite his age, expect Peterson to look sharp as he has kept himself in great shape finishing his 15th season in NFL as a Seattle Seahawk.

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Le'veon bell is seven years younger than Peterson at age 30. His measurable's are almost identical to Peterson's as he stands at 6ft 1in and weighs in at 225 Pounds. Like Peterson, Bell also doesn't have any previous fighting experience.

The three time Pro Bowler was known around the league for his incredible patience in the back field. Bell is going to have to use this to his advantage to wait out the older Peterson and really pick his punches. Like Peterson, Bell is also in great condition as he spent the 2021 NFL season on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster.

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While I do believe this is going to be a fight worth watching, I got my pick on the 15 year veteran in Adrian Peterson. I believe the power of Peterson is just too much for Bell to handle.

Who do you have winning this match on July 30th?

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