Poor Hodor got perhaps Game of Thronesleast-deserved end, and one hopes his afterlife would be far more pleasant. Well, that afterlife is apparently a KFC, as a new commercial with Thrones alum Kristian Nairn memorably recalls the gentle giant’s tragic end.

KFC released the Hodor-themed ad to promote its new “Ricebox” in the U.K., surely timing it to the imminent premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7. The spot sees Nairn as a KFC employee dreading that “Lunchtime Is Coming,” before an overload of orders sees the actor/DJ familiarly starting to combine his words (via EW).

That said, how KFC missed out on hiring Rory “The Hound” McCann for a chicken promotion two years ago is anyone’s guess, but we’ll take all the Game of Thrones humor we can get. The real question lies in what Hodor did to deserve ravenous mobs clawing at him from every plane of existence.

You can watch the latest Game of Thrones trailers below, and stay tuned for more.

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