The LHSAA has been under fire for a lot of things over the last 18 months, most of them centered around football. Now it's time to add another to the list.

This most recent case is a little more different than the previous squabbles. Because this time instead of adults fighting adults, it involves a student-athlete, and his health. Here's the story from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"A Union parish high school student is suing the LHSAA for not allowing him to play his senior year, because he was held back in the 6th grade because of ADHD.

But an LHSAA rule states that if a student is held back, the athlete can only play three years of high school sports. The student’s attorney, Brian Blackwell, says the LHSAA’s decision violates the American with Disabilities Act.

The LHSAA has not issued a statement on the case."