Now before you get carried away with 'how do I play?!?!' - because I know that's why you're here - just know, you're asked to play this game responsibly. That's the disclaimer. Now to the good stuff.

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'Drunk Uno' is a real thing and a new twist on how to play the game night classic game of Uno. Yep, it's time for the popcorn, pretzels, and sodas, to step aside for a more booze-worthy gathering. We may have to come up with a social distancing-friendly version, but when it's safe (or when you feel it is) to get back together with your friends, keep this one on hand. Here's how you play:

Each player receives 7 cards from the dealer and the remaining cards are placed into the draw pile. The dealer then draws the first card, flips it over, and the game starts. Pretty classic rules so far.

The next player (usually to the left of the dealer) must put down a matching card with the top card (either in color or number), but if they don't have a match, they must draw a card from the draw pile. That card can then be played if it matches. When a player has just one card remaining, they must yell Uno! Stay with me, these are just classic Uno rules so far. But here's where it gets boozy.

If you've got an action card applied to you, you're required to take shots. Now your shot glasses - that come WITH the game by the way - can be filled with whatever your heart desires. You pick. Do you. So if you get a 'Draw 2', you must draw your two cards, then take one shot. If you get a 'Draw 4', draw your 4 cards, then take 2 shots. If you're skipped, you must take 1 shot, and if the reverse is thrown in there, the person reversed takes 2 shots. Whew, y'all.

If you win, lucky you. The winner then gets to pick a person to take 3 shots. You may not remember all of game night when you're done with this one.

So where can you buy 'Drunk Uno'? It's listed on Etsy! You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Again, drink responsibly, and play responsibly. This article is not giving you permission to go all out. Be a responsible adult and think of others. Happy social distancing summer, y'all.

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