There are a lot of people putting out bold predictions for WWE in 2017 (What Culture has the best list, you can see it above) but instead of looking at the WHOLE WWE Universe, I want to make 3 bold predictions for WWE in Bossier City for 2017.


Tonight's WWE Live event at The CenturyLink will be 80%-90% sold out.

The past two stops in our market for WWE have been trending up. In early 2015 the WWE came to The Hirsch in Shreveport, and saw a couple thousand people come out. Last January, they hit the CenturyLink and saw about twice the crowd compared to the previous year. I believe that tonight will see a PACKED house in Bossier, and the show will be nuts.


I think WWE will return with a Live TV event to Bossier late in the year.

It's going to be 5 years since WWE did a TV show from the CenturyLink, and in the time since that show the attendance figures for WWE in Bossier/Shreveport have dropped. But they're on their way back up. Knowing that this is still a rabid pro wrestling community will lead WWE to make a Smackdown stop late in the year while doing a Texas swing on their schedule.


We will see a title change at that Live TV show in Bossier.

Back in the 70s and 80s, Shreveport was a mainstay on the pro wrestling circuit. Thanks to Mid South Wrestling, Shreveport saw MANY titles change hands in Shreveport. Then in the 90s, there were multiple WCW and WWF TV shows from our area, with titles on the line. But its been DECADES since we've seen a serious pro wrestling title change hands in Shreveport/Bossier. That changes later this year.



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