As you may or may not know, after years and years of performing death defying stunts and risking life and limb, ECW Original Sabu is suffering from some major health issues. Dude is in a tremendous amount of pain and has to have several operations to make his life more tolerable.

But, in true Sabu fashion, he's not asking for a handout. He's not begging for mercy. He didn't set up a GoFundMe page. He's doing things his own way. So, to help pay for all the treatments, Sabu is selling off a TON of items from his storied career.

If you want ring worn gear? He's got it up for sale. Want a stretch of barbed wire from the legendary barbed wire match between Sabu and Terry Funk? He's got you covered. Some of the stuff Sabu is selling off is nothing short of amazing!

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