Three years ago, Pauline Potter was not only about to get divorced from her husband Alex, but she was on the verge of becoming the heaviest women in the world – weighing a heavy-duty 728 pounds at the time she entered herself into the Guinness Book of Records.

Now she is back together with her ex-husband and claims that the couple engages in daily marathon sexcapades as a means for keeping her weight down – up to seven times a day. Go get em’ tiger!

While the act of getting sensual and sloppy with Alex in the bedroom probably looks like a Chihuahua humping a Spinosaurus, Pauline claims it is helping her shed nearly 14 pounds a month. That’s pretty good considering that before the couple got back together she was consuming a 10,000 calorie a day diet that rendered her so fat that her 19-year-old son had to help her to the toilet.

However, even though Pauline is losing weight she claims that flexibility is sometimes an issue when it comes to sex.

“I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session-it’s great exercise just jiggling around,” says Pauline who claims the couple enjoys different sexual positions (We recommend the dirty dangler!) even though one of her legs weighs more than Alex.

Pauline says she does not quite have the sexual confidence to parade around in front of Alex in provocative pieces of lingerie, but she says she often drapes a nice sheet over her to lend a little more excitement to the mood. After all, nothing says sexy like a woman wearing a curtain.

At Pauline’s lowest point in her life, which incidentally was her heaviest, she was feasting on a daily regimen of four bowls of cereal for breakfast, half a box of cookies as a mid-morning snack, and a Big Mac, fries, and chicken nuggets followed by three portions of spaghetti for dinner chased by a pint of ice cream for dessert. Although Pauline says that she still eats Big Macs, now she chooses between the fries and the nuggets rather than indulging in both. It’s good to see her making healthy choices.

Pauline feels confident that her “bumping uglies” diet will continue to help her achieve an ideal weight of 532 pounds, and she has encouraged Alex to visit more frequently to help speed up the process.

We wish them all the luck in the world – and a reinforced bed frame.

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