Caddo Sheriff’s Deputies have looked and searched everywhere, but they can't find 35-year-old Kevin James Hall.

They need you to help 'em find this guy.

There's a felony bench warrant for his arrest in a recent theft case, plus they believe he has information related to the theft of copper wiring from Northwood High School recently.

Hey James! "They said they think you have information, they didn't say they thought you stole the copper wire."

Hall is described as being almost six-feet-tall, (that must mean five-feet-three-quarter-inches), with blue eyes and brown hair.

He’s known to drive a Green four-door Ford Truck, (I wonder if it's stolen too), with a paper dealer tag.

Caddo Deputies checked to see if he was at his last known address in the 8200 block of Still Meadows in Shreveport, but there was no sign of ol' James there either.

If you see James Hall and want to help Sheriff Prator and his boys out, call Caddo Sheriff’s Office at 675-2170 or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.