Hank Williams Jr. fans new and old will garner great appreciation for a new 22-track greatest hits album that will hit stores next month.

The retrospective collection, titled ‘Best of Hank Williams Jr. (All My Rowdy Friends),’ will be released by Nashville’s Curb Records and will feature the biggest and most memorable hits of Hank Jr.’s career, including ‘Family Tradition,’ ‘A Country Boy Can Survive,’ ‘Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,’ and of course, ‘All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’ Over Tonight.’

The album will also feature the duet rendition Bocephus sang with the vocal track of his late and legendary father, Hank Williams, on the classic hit ‘There’s a Tear in My Beer.’ Other guest appearances on the collection of songs include Rehab, who lend their talents to Hank’s ‘Bartender Song (Sittin’ at the Bar).’

‘Best of Hank Williams Jr. (All My Rowdy Friends)’ will be released on Tuesday, March 27, exclusively at Walmart.

Best of Hank Williams Jr. (All My Rowdy Friends)’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Family Tradition’
2. ‘Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound’
3. ‘Women I’ve Never Had’
4. ‘Outlaw Women’
5. ‘Kaw-Liga’
6. ‘Old Habits’
7. ‘Dinosaur’
8. ‘The Blues Man’
9. ‘Texas Women’
10. ‘Dixie On My Mind’
11. ‘All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)’
12. ‘A Country Boy Can Survive’
13. ‘If Heaven Ain’t a Lot Like Dixie’
14. ‘The Conversation’
15. ‘All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight’
16. ‘Country State of Mind’
17. ‘Born to Boogie’
18. ‘If the South Woulda Won’
19. ‘There’s a Tear in My Beer’ (with Hank Williams)
20. ‘Red, White, and Pink-Slip Blues’
21. ‘Bartender Song (Sittin’ at the Bar)’ (with Rehab)
22. ‘All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming for Monday Night Football’

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