It's unclear if a nine-year-old New Sewickley, PA, girl was actually dressed as a skunk Saturday night for a local Halloween party.

But she was wearing a black hat and a white tussle and that was enough for a relative of the unidentified girl to mistake her for the stinky varmint.

Apparently not a big fan of skunks, the relative then shot the girl who had been hiding over the edge of a hill next to where the party was taking place

Luckily she only suffered non-life threatening wounds to the shoulder and the back. The girl was alert and speaking as she was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Police aren't sure if the relative will be charged, but he claims he was not drinking. Gaming Commission officials have been consulted, suggesting the authorities are trying to figure out if the man violated state hunting laws because he thought he was shooting at a skunk.

Or perhaps they are quizzing the officials on the possible existence of nine-year-old girl-sized skunks in the New Sewickley area, which would help the shooter with his alibi  Either way, the trigger happy relative should be thanking his lucky stars that he's not a better shot.

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