On this day in 1998, Louisiana was introduced to one of it's greatest sports legends. November 6th, 1998, the whole world was introduced to Robert "Bobby" Boucher, Jr and the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, happy birthday to The Waterboy...

Adam Sandler's legendary sports comedy The Waterboy premiered on this date in 1998, and went on to generate $190 million at the box office. Which is equal to roughly $300 million in 2019. No joke, The Waterboy would be one of the top 10 box office movies of 2019.

But more than a box office success, the movie was a huge hit in SEC country with football fans, and non-sports fans alike. Helping to normalize college football even further to a broad American audience.

Oh, not to mention the cool Louisiana vibes.

Actor Blake Clark laid the groundwork for future LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron with his performance as South Central Louisiana State Assistant Coach, Farmer Fran...

Farmer Fran was one of the many clever takes the movie provided, with a Cajun/French/English mix of gibberish that you might actually run across here. Other hilarious bits include the barbecue scene, the professor's "Medulla Oblongata" scene, and Bobby's love of pro wrestling.

Spoiler alert, in the film, the Mud Dogs are in the Bourbon Bowl against the University of Louisiana. Bobby Boucher has not suited up for SCLSU because of an academic issue mixed with his mother's mysterious illness. At halftime, the Mud Dogs are losing 27-0...but Boucher shows up in the locker room, suited up for the game. He leads his team out, and completes an impressive 30-27 comeback win...one of the greatest comebacks in Louisiana college football history.

Even though the movie focused on South Central Louisiana State (doesn't actually exist if you didn't realize it yet), most of the film was shot in Florida. Including Spec Martin Stadium in DeLand, FL, EverBank Field in Jacksonville, and Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

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