Since starting in October 2013, Great Raft has become one of my go-to adult beverages of choice. Their beers, simply put, are nothing short of phenomenal. Personally, Reasonably Corrupt is my favorite but so far I haven't met a Great Raft beer I didn't like.

Which is why I'm pumped for this weekend. At their Brew House and Tasting Room Saturday December 23rd, they will debuting the latest addition to their line of tasty beverages: Cheat Day Donut Milk Stout!

As you can tell from my love of Reasonably Corrupt, I love a good dark beer. Stouts, porters, etc. are my jam. And, from the way they describe the Cheat Day Stout, the new beer is going to be right up my alley. And they just didn't use any old donut for their recipe, they used Southern Made donuts!

I'm looking forward to trying the latest and greatest beer from the Great Raft Family. If you're interested to, you can get more info on the debut of the Cheat Day Donut Milk Stout here.

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