According to Fox News, lots of men get a Vasectomy during March Madness so they can take a few days off work and watch a few games.

Urology Ltd of Elgin Illinois is doing an ad campaign and promotion called the “3-Point Shot” plan.

According to the urology clinic, the promotion is not meant to encourage more men to get vasectomies.

Dr. Timothy Roth, one of the urologists at Urology Ltd said, "The whole idea of the ad is to capture those guys who were thinking about watching the games anyhow and were also thinking about getting a vasectomy, we're not trying to get the people who say, 'Vasectomy, oh, that looks interesting."

So guys, if you're interested here is what you'll get. The “3-Point Shot” plan includes one vasectomy, a free pizza, and a weekend excuse.

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