Before the 2021 NFL season, started tragedy struck when Luke Siegel passed away.

Luke Siegel had been an incredible fighter over the last half-decade, and his impact was felt tremendously throughout the Texas Tech Athletics Department. Since Luke's traumatic brain injury in 2015, he and his family never stopped fighting. Not only for Luke, but for any kid dealing with a similar situation.

That's why Luke's father Tim Siegel started Team Luke Hope for Minds. Team Luke's website cites the Center for Head Injury Services in saying that 1 in 500 school-age children each year receive some kind of head injury severe enough to be hospitalized, and many families are forced to pay for medical care on their own.

Since its inception, Team Luke Hope for Minds and Luke have received enormous support from both former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and former Red Raider Patrick Mahomes. The latter wears a Team Luke bracelet in every game he plays. Mahomes dedicated his new 15 and the Mahomies park in Kansas City to Siegel.

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Kliff Kingsbury was another Red Raider who really bonded with Luke and Tim Siegel during his run as Texas Tech football's head coach from 2013-18. Kingsbury, now head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, pledged $5,000 for every win that the Cardinals notch this season.

The Cardinals have flashed to an unlikely undefeated start one month into the NFL season, which means four victories and $20,000 to Team Luke from Kingsbury.

There's also an anonymous donor who's matching Kingsbury's donations, so the Cardinals' wins have actually netted $40,000 for Team Luke Hope for minds so far.

The last win for Kingsbury and the Cardinals was over the Los Angeles Rams, who many pundits were saying looked like the best team in the NFL. Now, it's the Cardinals who hold the only undefeated record in the NFC.


Selfishly for myself the football fan and for Team Luke mostly, I hope the Cardinals win about 10 more games this year and meet the Cowboys in the NFC Championship. It could happen.

I believe. Just like Kliff Lasso.

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