New Orleans-based GLO Airlines has decided to suspend service beginning Saturday while it searches for a new operator. According to a press release, GLO is suspending services due to having to "cancel an excessive number of flights due to the inability and unwillingness of their flight operator, Corporate Flight Management".

GLO has been operating out of the Shreveport Regional Airport since 2015, and earlier this year Mark Crawford, a spokesman for the Shreveport Regional Airport, said GLO averages 1,000 passengers in and out of Shreveport every month.

The release says that passengers who will be affected by this will be contacted by the company directly.

Earlier this year, GLO had to file for bankruptcy because they had not paid Corporate Flight Management for weeks. A judge eventually ruled in favor of GLO, and allowed them to continue to operate without full bankruptcy proceedings.

The release from GLO included the following statement from their CEO:

“CFM’s behavior has put an unacceptable strain on relationships with our passengers and other vendors.   Despite growing demand, loyal customers, and our best efforts to enforce our contract, we have been unable to reach a resolution," said Founder and CEO Trey Fayard. “I started GLO to deliver a superior product to my hometown and other worthy local markets, and I refuse to settle for anything less. We look forward to returning to all markets and expanding further once the right partner is found,” said Fayard."

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