Did this really happen?

The Georiga Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide Monday night to win the NCAA National Championship in Indianapolis but there's a certain photo many are talking about.

While Georgia players were celebrating their victory, championship hats and t-shirts were disrupted to players, but one player seemed to be given the wrong hat.

A photo has surfaced online that shows a Georgia player wearing an Alabama championship hat.

Yes, the NCAA prints championship hats and shirts for both teams playing in the big game, but one team just doesn't get to wear the gear once all is set and done.

So how did this hat end up on a player who does NOT play for Alabama? Was the hat put into the wrong box or was this Georgia Bulldog just trolling the Crimson Tide?

Many have speculated that this guy had no clue that he was wearing the wrong hat as he celebrated their championship victory, but it does make for an interesting discussion.

Here's another photo that has many scratching their head and I ask, when did he really realize that he had the wrong hat on?

Perhaps he noticed that he had the "A" on his hat rather than a "G" after the fact, and did he keep the hat even after realizing it?


Here's a look at the celebrations in Athens, Ga as fans took the streets after the Bulldogs won the NCAA Championship.



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