College football has become the wild wild west in how these players get paid. The NIL system has made it better for players and has allowed for less cheating. I can't say it took away the cheating, it just turned it into something new. However, we've seen some pretty cool NIL deals. Well, Garrett Nussmeier just received one of the weirdest NIL deals yet.

Nussmeier received a deal from Cheez-It. Nussmeier along with three other players will stay in a Cheez-It-designed room for their respective bowl game.

Nussmeier will receive this special Cheez-It room as his room for the Citrus Bowl against Purdue. In the press release, Cheez-It described the room as waking up inside a Cheez-It box. They also describe it as a Cheez-It paradise or heaven. Nussmeier alongside Florida State wide receiver Mycah Pittman, Oklahoma punter Michael Turk and Purdue wide receiver Tyrone Tracy Jr. will all receive the Cheez-It paradise room.

Hopefully, the cheesy room gets Nussmeier ready to go for the game. Also, I would hope there are multiple flavors of Cheez-its in the room, if it's just cheddar then I would be pissed if I was Nussmeier. Also hopefully they gave him a good stack of money and not just cheez-its. But either way, this is one of the weirdest NIL deals I've ever seen.

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