The weather has finally allowed many of us to take some ground venison to the chili pot. One of my favorite things about having so many friends who go deer hunting is the surplus of ground venison that they bring to me once the deer has been processed.

If you don't have hunting friends get some as soon as possible, preferably friends who like to share. Why is it important that you acquire these friends rather quickly? Well, it's simple, chili season is upon us. The weather has finally allowed us to get some chili going in the crockpot without sweating.

I went to try to get some Fritos to add that delicious crunch to my chili and three stores later, I just gave up. Why is Bossier out of Fritos?

Is There a Frito Shortage in Shreveport-Bossier?

According to several of my friends on Facebook, they are also scrambling to locate Fritos. It's not just Bossier seeing the shortage, several people in Shreveport are complaining that there are no Fritos to be found.

What is Causing the Frito Shortage Throughout the Ark-La-Tex?

While many of us can blame chili season for the Frito shortage, could a strike that happened at the Frito factory have had much longer effects than anyone anticipated?

The 2021 Frito-Lay strike took over Topeka, Kansas and many of us didn't hear about it because "it didn't affect us", boy were we wrong.

The labor strike by employees at the Topeka, Kansas Frito-Lay plant was against the company's mandatory overtime policy. The strike began on July 5, 2021, and lasted 22 days. Did 22 days in July cause grocery stores to see the impact?

We have reached out to multiple grocery stores throughout Shreveport-Bossier that claim that they have no idea why they are all out of Fritos.

The Brookshires in Benton claims that the Brookshire brand of Fritos is also completely sold out.

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