Ever since the Hardy Boys moved on from TNA (I refuse to call them Impact Wrestling until they earn it), the organization has struggled to remain relevant. Their only solid move since has been to add Bruce Prichard to the payroll to try bolster their audience through his massive podcast. But it seems they are only giving him on-air responsibilities, and not much in the writing room (yet).

A few weeks ago, they pulled an odd debut/title grab with Alberto Del Ri...er...Patron, where they had to clean it up by stripping him of the belt in one of the worst acted wrestling segments EVER.

During the recent TV Tapings for TNA, Global Force Wrestling (you know) has apparently merged with TNA/Impact. Which makes sense, because GFW has been run by Jeff Jarrett, and he was recently brought in to help with the functional operations for TNA. There has yet to be official releases on the deal, but based on what's happening at the TNA tapings, it looks pretty locked-down.

Not to mention the GFW Title is now in the hands of one of TNA's most expensive wrestlers, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio).

El Patron/Del Rio has been getting his hands on straps at TNA left and right. There's not telling what will happen here, if he's going to keep it, or they're going to find a way to take it off him again for some kind of storyline.


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