Will Chris Paul be remembered more as a Los Angeles Clipper, New Orleans Hornet, or now, Houston Rocket?

I ask because CP3's time in LA is over, leaving him with the same number of seasons in a Hornets jersey as a Clippers jersey. But now he also has an increased chance at a championship ring by heading to the Rockets to join James Harden.

But we should note that the Rockets just gave up pieces that helped them get into the playoffs last year, so it's not like the playoff Rockets just added Paul to an established contender. There's more rebuilding to do.

But it does create an interesting debate for when CP3 gets his Hall of Fame call.

Here's more on the move from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Former New Orleans Hornet Chris Paul is leaving the Clippers as a deal has reportedly been reached that will send Paul to the Houston Rockets to team up with James Harden in the backcourt. There’s also a report Houston is acquiring former LSU Tiger Tim Quartermann from the Portland Trail Blazers."

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