While the Los Angeles Lakers struggled from 3-point range in Game 1 of their playoff series Friday night (Sept. 4) against the Houston Rockets, we were reminded that they have a pretty great 3-point shooter often sitting in the crowd at their games (when there's not a pandemic going on). Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea is a straight up baller, multiple times lighting up the MTV Rock N' Jock basketball games filmed for the network back in the '90s.

Earlier this year, Flea reminded fans of the time he seriously was en fuego, sinking six straight 3-pointers, easily walking away with the 3-point shooting competition back in 1995. "I’m just sayin. I made 6 in a row and won that shit, didn’t even need to shoot the last one," boasted Flea. "Tell me somethin' good." Indeed, in the video he posted, you can see part of his hot streak, even tossing the ball into the crowd when it was confirmed he'd won the competition.

Flea's 3's were deadly, with his corner shot nailing down a victory in the 1992 basketball game (as seen at 6:40 in the player below).

You can also catch Flea in action below as part of the 1997 Rock N' Jock game as well, mixing it up with fellow '90s stars like Coolio, Busta Rhymes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Dean Cain and male model Marcus Schenkenberg.

The Los Angeles Lakers will look to even up their series with the Houston Rockets at 4:30PM ET this afternoon. The game will air on ABC.

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