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Like many other items in our post-pandemic world, there this year's fireworks supply across the United States appears to be low this year. This shortage could not have come at a worse time either, and the US prepares to celebrate the Fourth of July. Which will be the first major celebration in the United States after most states have fully opened after the pandemic.

It's not just low supply that will cause issues this year, it's the price. NPR reports that some fireworks have had massive price increases. While most are up at least 20%. Here's what they say:

"For instance, the door-sized, 100-lb party assortment right in front of Daniel, called the Godfather is going for $649.99 this year, up $100 from last year. That's typical. Retail fireworks are up 20 to 25% this year, and still selling briskly, according to store manager Donna Nuccio. Nuccio expects to run out of the Godfather, and most of the rest of her stock by the Fourth of July, partly because of last year's "unbelievable" sales."

Fox Business News says that the US's largest consumer fireworks retailer, Phantom Fireworks, began warning customers of supply chain issues and shipment delays.

These delays are already starting to hit the Ark-La-Tex as well. KTBS reports that area fireworks retailers are dealing with low numbers of supplies too. With some of the retailers in our area saying that once they're sold out of supplies, that's it for the year.

So if you're looking for fireworks for your 4th of July celebrations, you better get them soon.

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