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The medical care professionals are working overtime right now fighting an enemy that none of us can see with the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, with sports at a standstill and national nurses day coming up on May 12th the grounds crew at Fenway Park in Boston created a special message and montage to all the nurses working their tails off right now (via ESPN Twitter).


What an incredible display by the Fenway Park grounds crew to show their support to the amazing people fighting this fight for all of us to attempt to get our freedom back.

I really wonder how difficult or how long it took them to do this but whatever it took it's absolutely magnificent. Thank you, Boston and Fenway Park.

Fenway is currently the oldest standing baseball stadium having opened over 108 years ago on April 20, 1912, and was rebuilt in 1934 according to MLB. Also, according to MLB, the park holds a capacity of 37,755.

You may be wondering, why do they call it Fenway Park? Well, according to the MLB article, their very first owner John I. Taylor said, "It's in the Fenway section of Boston, isn't it? Then call it Fenway Park." They weren't always the Boston Red Sox either, originally they were the Boston Americans until Taylor changed that in 1908 to the Red Sox.


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