An advisory member of President Trump's "Opening Our Country" Economic Council is calling for multiple $1,000 direct payments to American citizens.

Texas businessman Mark Cuban (Investor, entrepreneur, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Shark Tank star) has made some large statements over the last couple of weeks, as he shifts his stance on some public policy issues. Cuban says the failure of policy, like the Paycheck Protection Program, is changing his direction for recovery and growth ideas.

The new direction of Cuban's approach could be called "trickle up" economics. With his new plan, he's calling for $1,000 direct payments to Americans, every two weeks, for at least two months. But, he adds that the money should have a 10 day window to be spent, or it will have to be given back to the Federal Government. His idea is to get money circulating into the economy for small and medium sized businesses that are struggling.

While on Fox News, Cuban talked about how federal funding to businesses isn't going to keep them open, if there aren't people shopping for their goods and services. He told Fox News:

"No amount of loans to businesses will save them or jobs if customers aren’t buying"

In his discussion with Fox News, Cuban also suggested that the United States create a "new deal" type program to get Americans back to work. He focused on contact tracing and testing as outlets for employment.

Cuban has hinted about the need to get money in to consumers hands before. Earlier this month he told Fox News that he believes that any economic resurgence will come from consumers. If those consumers don't have the extra money to spend, those businesses will just close back down.


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