Is it time to demolish this once-beloved sports venue?

Oh, the memories. If I stumbled upon a time machine, one of my very many locations on my to-do list would be Fair Grounds Field. As a kid growing up in the 90's in Shreveport, there was absolutely nothing like going to a baseball game at Fair Grounds Field.

Sure, it wasn't the MLB, but it sure did feel like it. Thousands of fans packed the arena every time their MLB-affiliated Shreveport Captains took the field. Several future MLB stars played in Shreveport for the Captains including Joe Nathan, Dan Gladden, and Tony Peña to name a few.

I still have my miniature Captains hat that they would sell at the games and fill with ice cream.

There was something so magical about the shreveport Captains. Unfortunately, the original Shreveport Captains left back in the year 2000. There were efforts made to keep baseball in Shreveport for the next decade, where we had the Shreveport Swamp Dragons, the Shreveport Sports, and a new-look Shreveport Captains. Those Captains left for Loredo in 2011. Fair Grounds Field has been a ghost town ever since.

Unfortunately, none of those teams could help bring the magic back to Fair Grounds Field. In fact, I was heir PA Announcer for their final two seasons, and I can't possibly explain how depressing the scene was. The team played at a championship level night in and night out in front of 10-20 fans. On a great night, they might have seen 100 fans, maybe.

Shreveport had already given up on Fair Grounds Field. Here we are, ten years later, and the state of Fair Grounds Field is nothing short of depressing. It doesn't appear the City of Shreveport has any plans to do anything with the historic stadium, opting to let it dwindle away instead.

What would you like to see happen with Fair Grounds Field?

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