It's LSU vs Alabama, its #1 vs #3, it's the biggest game in the land.

There are a lot of eyes on Baton Rouge for this battle in Tiger Stadium, so many eyes, that ESPN has brought their College Gameday set to Death Valley. But are they coming for LSU, or for Alabama?

While confidence is pretty high among LSU fans, the feeling that the Tigers can pull off the upset Saturday night in Tiger Stadium isn't exactly shared by the ESPN "experts".

Every single one of ESPN’s reporters and analysts that cover college football, picked Alabama to win. Including calling a potential LSU win as the "upset of the century"

By it's description, LSU winning would be an upset, Alabama is favored by a couple scores in the game. But to consider it "upset of the century" is a little overboard. LSU has the best resume in college football this year, and Alabama hasn't had to prove themselves in any game this year.

So if ESPN wants to pick Bama across the board, that's cool. But you have to be at least a little worried if you're in that boat.

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