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After days of delay, and premature reports, it appears the Dallas Cowboys have now decided to move forward without Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Earlier reports ranged from Garrett and his entire staff being fired, to Garrett signing some for of an extension. Garrett's contract is set to expire on January 14th, so a "firing" will not be required, but the franchise will be moving forward without him.

The Cowboys missed the playoffs this year after leading the Division for a chunk of the season. With two weeks left in the year, they only had to win-out to win the NFC East, and host a playoff game. But after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, it gave control of the NFC East to the Eagles, who did not let it go.

Garrett took over as interim Head Coach of the Cowboys in 2010, and had an 85-67 record while leading the Cowboys. He won the NFC East 3 times, losing in the Divisional Playoffs each of those three years.

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