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Franklin Police received several complaints over a 24 hour period and ended up arresting an elderly man for indecent exposure.

Police were called about complaints of a male subject sunbathing nude on the roof of a residence in Franklin, LA. When they arrive, police observed the man naked on the roof and ordered him down. Lee Segura, 70 years old, of Becky Dr. in Franklin, LA was arrested on the charge of obscenity.  Segura was booked, and after processing, was taken to the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center.

Turns out, this isn't the first run-in with the law for Segura.  Franklin Police Chief Morris Beverly had a run in with him going back to 2020.  The police had received several complaints about Segura dancing on the side of the road.  The chief told him to stop, and move on, or he would be arrested.

Segura likes to wear "Daisy Dukes," a crop top shirt, cowboy boots and hat, and dance along the roadways of Franklin. He is also well known in the French Quarter of New Orleans as the "Dancing Cowboy."

Joe Lee Segura/Facebook
Joe Lee Segura/Facebook

KATC TV did a report on Joe Lee back in May of 2020, where residents were fed up with his shenanigans, as his dress started becoming more and more... risque.  You can see that story with video of Joe Segura dancing below.

But according to the comments on the Franklin Police Deptartment's Facebook post, people are happy to see him taken off the streets.

Jennifer Brown

About time!!!!!! I have a knot in my stomach whenever we come visit because my kids have unfortunately had to be subjected to his foolishness along Main St. several times as we drive through!


Renee Tibbs

I just wish police could do more to completely stop him! He’s a menace and not cute, funny or harmless!

Kelsey Renee Lopez

When I first read this, I was like 70 years old naked on a roof and he wasn’t brought in for a mental evaluation? THEN I saw who it really was in the comments.  I’m glad they finally was able to do something about him.

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