Just FYI, the person driving wasn't filming! We were carpooling to be able to see local road conditions as of 4am this morning, the rain was switching to snow and ice was forming so the roads weren't too bad yet but they will be getting worse. The hardest part for us was getting the ice off our windows... Please don't try and use hot water to do this it will cause cracks. Many schools are out today, which you can see that list HERE!

Here's a look at Bossier City off East Texas St/Hwy 80..

If you have to drive this morning give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go so you can take it slow. Don't drive close to other vehicles because you never know when someone will hit ice and slide into you. Keep updated with latest weather conditions from our friends at KTBS!

Some local area roads have been closed which we are keeping you updated HERE!

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