When I think about what an offensive lineman looks or sounds like, I typically think of a big burly man who has an intimidating stature. I think of someone who is not afraid to mix it up and is known for being nasty in the trenches. Based off of first impressions, Duke offensive lineman Chance Lytle fits this description perfectly to me.

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Lytle is a 2022 transfer from the University of Colorado where he would play in 30 games during his time there. Lytle is known by his teammates as a naturally gifted and talented guy, but it’s his one surprising talent that shocked his entire team. Have any idea what it could be? I will give you hint; he has the voice of an angel.

That definitely does not fit the description of your typical offensive lineman. Lytle’s teammates have labeled him “the songbird,” and for good reason. The video was originally posted to Tik Tok but has begun to go viral on Twitter and most people were just as shocked as I was.

He even caught the attention of a former college standout and Heisman winner.

This is probably not what Lytle would have thought he would be in the college football spotlight for, but I think he will take it either way. What do you think about Lytle’s angelic voice?

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