This was amazing.

Drone footage on HBO's "Hard Knocks" showed the world just how nice the facilities are for the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco, Tx.

The drone footage started outside of the "Star" and then ultimately went through the entire complex.

Weaving through windows, doors, and exercise equipment, the drone took fans into places that they may have never seen before.


I don't know who the pilot of the drone was when this footage was shot, but he or she should be commended on their skills.

Heck, may I suggest here that they even be nominated for some type of award for their skills?

The timing was to the second and to see this drone just navigate through the building was more than impressive for me.

If you missed it on HBO, check out this amazing footage of the Dallas Cowboys training facility in Frisco.

Since the video aired on HBO and surfaces online, many were complimenting the video and skils of the pilot.

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