Drew Brees is recognized as one of the greatest NFL Quarterbacks ever, and a clear favorite for Greatest New Orleans Saint of all time. But it wasn't always like that for Brees.

If you go back and read the NFL Draft report on Brees, it includes the following (from NFLdraftscout.com):

"Tends to side-arm his passes going deep...Lacks accuracy and touch on his long throws...Seems more comfortable in the short/intermediate passing attack...Does not possess the ideal height you look for in a pro passer, though his ability to scan the field helps him compensate in this area...Will improvise and run when the passing lanes are clogged, but tends to run through defenders rather than trying to avoid them to prevent unnecessary punishment."

Case Keenum wasn't the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings when the season started. He took over early in the year, and has led his team to a top seed in the NFC playoffs. When Keenum was looking to get drafted, he had similar things written bout him (from NFL.com):

"Keenum is an undersized prospect, which hurts his value. Like Russell Wilson, he will need to show he can throw effectively from the pocket. He also could be considered the product of an effective, high-octane collegiate spread offense."

Now that Keenum is finding success in the NFL, people are drawing a lot of comparisons between Keenum and Brees. All of this is why Brees feels like he understands what Keenum is feeling.

Here's more from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"The Saints have the advantage at quarterback in Sunday’s N-F-C playoff game with the Vikings. Drew Brees is a future Hall of famer, who threw for 376 yards and two touchdowns last week, while Minnesota’s Case Keenum is making his first postseason start. Keenum is on his fourth team and was considered a journeymen until this season. Brees says he can relate.

Brees will need to be sharp on Sunday. Minnesota has the NFL’s top ranked defense. Kick off is at 3:40."

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