Shaquille O'Neal has accomplished a lot in his life both on and off the Basketball court. In 2012 he joined the short list of Hall of Fame Players to receive a doctoral degree his being in education from Barry University... And it wasn't an honorary degree! Shaq has also been sworn in as a police officer in multiple cities and states which maybe his next venture in life.

Shaq has announced that in 2020 he will be running for Sheriff Henry County, Ga which is just Southeast of Atlanta with over 200,000 people. The announcement was made a few months back and originally many thought it was a joke... But Shaq isn't backing down!

Now does Shaq have a chance at winning the election? I mean it's Shaq so yeah he probably has a great shot at it! Not only does he have tons of money to put behind his campaign but he's extremely likeable... Not something many politicians can say.

O'Neal has shown an interest in law enforcement since he was a teenager and two of his uncles were cops. Don't be surprised if you hear the name Sheriff Dr O'Neal in a few years... or is it Dr Sheriff O'Neal?

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