Big spenders the world over have a new trifle to drop serious coin on, as legendary distiller Glenfiddich has unleashed the priciest bottle of whisky on the market today. The Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve has been marinating for an unprecedented 55 years, and only 11 bottles are for sale at auctions around the world. Naturally, this is making hooch fans pony up staggering amounts of cash.

The first bottle that went up for auction sold for $72,630. That’s a lot of money, even in whisky terms. And for what? The whole nature of a spirit this rare is that few people on Earth have ever had the chance to try it. Brian Kinsman, the “master mixer” for the company, was the dude who decided to unleash the Reserve onto the market in honor of its namesake (the last living grandchild of Glenfiddich’s founder)’s 110th birthday. So she’s twice as old as the whisky but probably doesn’t go down as smooth. DIRTY!

Amazingly enough, the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve doesn’t even come close to being the most expensive bottle of whisky in the world. That honor goes to a bottle of Macallan 64 that went for an amazing $460,000 at auction in 2010. However, that can’t be attributed solely to the booze, as it was packaged in a one-of-a-kind Lalique crystal decanter. Those tend to drive the price up.

So what do you do with a bottle of 55 year old whisky? You don’t mix it with Coke, that’s for damn sure. Reports have the spirit tasting rich, with undertones of dried fruit that come out the longer the whisky is aged. So if you dip some Craisins in a bottle of bottom shelf rye you’ll probably get pretty close.