If you're like me, you are not very familiar with any of the players on the Oakland A's. But the Texas Rangers now know who this young stud is. It's doubtful that they will ever underestimate him again.

Last night the Rangers' lineup looked foolish as they were demolished by a final score of 12-1. Luckily for Rod Washington, not many people got to see this game as the game was played in front of a total of a whopping 10,000 people (and that's just counting season ticket holders, it's unclear how many people actually went through the turnstiles).

Jarrod Parker stated, "We went in with a really good plan and the execution of it was exactly what we wanted to do...I had good stuff and they were off a little bit."

The Rangers faltered, with Scott Feldman (now 0-4) allowing eight runs in the second inning and every pitcher who came in allowed a total of fifteen hits.

Ironically, Parker didn't even make the A's roster after Spring Training. There's no point of sending him back to the minor leagues now.

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