The talk of the internet over the weekend was the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match. While there were no judges or winner declared, a clip is circulating on social media that has many viewers wondering if Mayweather saved Paul from a knockout ending.

The pay-per-view fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was riddled with controversial opinions and the debate around the bout has raged on even after the final bell rang. One specific clip from the fight shows Mayweather landing a blow to the head of Paul, followed by Paul being seemingly held up by Mayweather so as to keep him off of the canvas.

Now there is a lot of presumption here, but let me at least lay out some screen grabs for you to be able to get a better idea of how the exchange progressed.

Paul swings...

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul 3

Mayweather counters... 

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul 2

Paul appears to fall limp directly into Mayweather's arms.

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul 4

Whatever you believe happened in this exchange, one thing that everyone agreed upon was that there was a lot of the below going on throughout the fight.


Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul 5

You can decide for yourself how this moment went down by checking out the clip via @StockzNCrypto on Twitter below.

Many online expressed their displeasure with the fight by demanding a refund from the presenting network. See some Twitter posts below.

Now, apparently, some viewers were having actual issues with viewing the stream and @sho_help has offered information on requesting a refund. See their Twitter post here.

If you were curious as to how the fighters felt after their exchange, here is how @LoganPaul felt immediately following the fight's end.

Mayweather's immediate feelings following the fight courtesy of @BleacherReport on Twitter.

You can check out the feelings Floyd Mayweather had in a post-fight press conference via @MichaelBensonn on Twitter here.

While both no-one throughout the boxing community or entertainment community seems all-that pleased with how the event unfolded, one things is for sure - Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather got PAID.

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