Yesterday morning my co-worker and I thought we would sneak off to Wendy's for a tasty breakfast. We saw the parking lot was bare, which didn't shock us since we knew that the Wendy's nearest work closed the dining room due to a lack of employees.

Just 2 weeks ago this same Wendy's posted a sign that said something along the lines of "Closed because no one wants to show up to work".

I couldn't believe it, so I drove to Wendy's to see what was going on. By the time I pulled up to Wendy's to snap a photo of that sign, people had shown up to work and the drive-thru line was busy.

We knew there was a serious shortage of employees in our community.

Seriously, you can't go anywhere without seeing multiple signs saying "now hiring" or "help wanted". Louisiana was one of the last states to pull the plug on federal assistance from unemployment. We have a serious problem in Louisiana retaining employees. Every business owner will tell you, they simply can't retain good employees.

My coworker and I pulled up to the Wendy's on Pine's Road in Shreveport and we were greeted with this sign.

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We saw an employee standing outside and pulled over to ask them why they were closed. The unidentified employee claimed that many in the building went and got negative COVID tests and they had no idea why they were closed. When we asked about the shortage of workers they responded with "That could be the reason. We can't seem to have enough workers show up. There have been times when we had to close until we had enough workers show up.

We reached out to Wendy's on Pines Road to find out why they were closed 2 days in a row and no one picked up the phone.

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