Never has the expression "It hurts to watch" been so true.

Brace yourself for this clip from XFC International in Brazil. Luis Santos unloads a kick into the chin of Alfredo Morales that is so fierce, so powerful, so on the money it renders Morales a rag doll on the canvas. He goes down like a house of cards. He drops like a sack of potatoes. Pick a cliche, any cliche -- it'll work.

The kick is remarkable in its impact, but perhaps the most amazing thing is that Morales didn't break a leg. Watch how each leg goes in a different direction as he falls to the mat. Seriously, he could've hurt himself while he crumbled.

This fight actually took place in 2015, but is only gaining traction now. Makes sense, seeing as how it's probably taken Morales two years to get back on his own two (perfectly straight) feet.

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