When I was young back in the 1970's, I remember my parents scaring my siblings and me about the possibility of razor blades being inserted into Halloween candy.

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It was enough of a threat that every year, local hospitals would actually offer to X-Ray Halloween candy for free, to check for needles or razor blades in the candy.

I honestly don't know that they ever discovered anyone's candy to be tainted, but the threat was real enough that parents all over were on high alert for the possibility.

It's Like We're Attacked On Every Front And Constantly Need To Be Aware

Fast forward to present day and all of us have to be on high alert about nearly every aspect of our lives. Phone scams, email scams, identity theft, human trafficking, drive by shootings, and the newest possible threat comes to us from the Desoto Parish Sheriff's Department.

Taking to their Facebook page, the Desoto Sheriff's Department writes to warn us all of the possibility of encountering a "poison napkin."

We have not received any similar reports of the story below in or around our parish, however Houston, TX is not that far away. So we do want to inform residents of DeSoto Parish, to be proactive.
A few days ago, a woman in Houston, TX was exiting a popular restaurant with her husband and she noticed a napkin in the door handle of her car. She removed it, and once inside the car she asked her husband if he had placed it there to which he said he had not. She had simply thrown the napkin away and didn't think much of it, and opened the door with her fingertips. Within 5 minutes the woman started complaining of a tingling sensation up and down her arm. Within moments, her heart rate skyrocketed, and she found it difficult to breathe. Her husband took her to the hospital where several tests were ran, and doctors were able to determine that she had been poisoned but they could not identify the substance. Doctors claimed that her vitals were all over the place, but she did survive the incident.
Some news outlets are reporting that other residents have noticed a napkin/tissue in their car door handle but no other reports of poisoning that we could find. Houston police said this was the first case of its kind that the department has seen. We have seen many reports over the years where a foreign object was placed on a vehicle. This has sometimes been attributed to an attempted kidnapping, or it could be nothing at all. In this woman's case, doctors believed this may have been a failed kidnapping attempt, but no one really knows. We share this with you so that you are simply aware. If you are out and about and experience anything on your vehicle that had not been there before, do not remove it with your bare hand. Use caution.

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