Some local folks got the surprises of their lives, when Bossier Sheriff's Deputies handed out $100 bills instead of citations.

It's part of the BSO's Secret Santa task force, which was armed with $3,000 to hand out to whomever they chose. The deputies targeted cars that looked like they needed a little work, or motorists they thought needed some help this Christmas season.

According to a sheriff's office news release, they pretended to make traffic stops to catch the drivers off guard...and they were. They thought they were getting tickets, but ended up with something way better. Deliveries were also made to families deputies knew needed help with bringing a brighter Christmas to their children.

It took more than three days for the deputies to pass out all of Santa's secret stash, but they say it was worth it for all the smiles and hugs they received this Christmas season.

I can't lie...the video of some of these deliveries stuck me right in the heart. It left me choked up and teary-eyed, but I couldn't stop smiling! These guys and gals are awesome!

Take a look for yourself:

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