You won't believe where I ran out of gas this morning.

I was sitting right outside the drive-through window at Burger King on Live Avenue in Shreveport, handing my money to the lady at the window for my cup of coffee, and my car went dead.

As we both looked one another in the eyes I said, "Uh oh I just ran out of gas".She was very nice about it, and as traffic started to back up behind me,  she asked if I wanted her to send someone out to push me out of the way. I told her that would be great if she didn't mind, and as I apologized she replied with a smile, "It happens".

In just a minute four real big guys came out, all wearing Burger King uniforms, and they pushed me over to a parking space. Thanks guys! I also want to thank my good friend Troy Jones for bringing gas for my car, you are the man Troy!

Got gas? Drive to Burger King and get a cup of coffee, it's great!

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