Say what you will about our Cupcake, but he can put down some Grilled Cheese Donuts like nobody's biznass! 

Cupcake, myself, and Jay and Stifler from K94-5 had the opportunity to compete in Tom & Chee's Grilled Cheese Donut Challenge as part of their Battle of the DJ's promotion.

Other than free donuts, the incentive was that the winner gets a sandwich named after them.  A FREAKIN' SANDWICH NAMED AFTER ME?  Yes please times a thousand!

Unfortunately for me, there will be no sandwich in my namesake! That honor is going to the one and only Cupcake!

The challenge was to eat 12 grilled cheese donuts and a 13th "mystery donut" which turned out to be a S'mores donut, in 10 short minutes.

The final tally was Cupcake finishing 11, I finishes 10. Jay and Stifler each finished about six or seven. So, next time you visit the new Tom & Chee on Airline Dr. in Bossier, get "The Cupcake Sandwich."

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