(From AP) The Dallas Cowboys won last night over the Washington Redskins with a last minute field goal. Dan Bailey's 40 yard kick with under  2 minutes left to play  was enough to give the Cowboys the 18-16 win over the Redskins at Cowboy Stadium.


Quarterback Tony Romo,  who had been injured, was able to drive the Cowboys enough to set up six successful field goals.

Dallas coach Jason Garrett wasn't shy about his excitement.  He dropped to a knee and gestured an " oh yeah!" with his fist.  The Cowboys are now 2 and 1,  which is much better than their terrible start  last year of 1  and 7.

Dallas is tied now for first place in the NFC East, along with Washington (2-1).   The Redskins were trying to make it 3-0, but were robbed of that thrid win by the Cowboys.

Romo said it  was a great win for the Cowboys.  His stats:  22 of 36 for 255 yards.

Romo had trouble with snaps from his rookie center,  and wasn't very energetic or  accurate for much of the game.

But he was playing in physical pain.


Even though it was a lack-luster game without any touchdowns for Dallas,  it was still a victory.

This is the second straight game with Romo and Bailey working together with such finesse.

The Cowboy Combo did the same thing against San Francisco a week ago Sunday.  Bailey tied the game with a field goal,  and they won in overtime.

Bailey is  a  rookie,  who was the  top kicker in college last season,  at Oklahoma State.

He reminds me of  New Orleans Saints kicker,  Garrett Hartley,  in more ways than one.  Not only was Hartley key in getting the Saints into the playoffs to win the Super Bowl,  he was also a graduate of  Oklahoma.

I know this because Hartley wouldn't sign my LSU football when he visited the KWKH studios a few years back because he was a Sooner.

Keep your eye on Bailey.  He may be the new Hartley.


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