Matt and Jeff Hardy have been the two most talked about entities in the wrestling world over the past year or so. Their Broken Universe completely changed the perception of what was possible in the wrestling world. And their recent dip into 'free agency' has rumor and innuendo flowing all over the internet.

Currently, the Hardys are working in Ring of Honor and are their Tag Team Champions. But, Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer and other online dirt sheets are to be believed, it sounds like the Hardys will be heading home to the WWE sooner rather than later.

As of right now, it is being reported that the WWE and the Hardy Boys have been in talks about a return. Apparently, an offer has been made by the WWE to the Hardys. And now, according to several online sources. Not only have the Hardys made a verbal agreement to return, but supposedly allegedly, one of the contract stipulations is that the Hardys make their return next weekend at WrestleMania.

Again, this is all speculation and rumor at this point, but as the saying goes 'where there is smoke, there is fire.' To me, it sounds like their return is going to happen and it probably will happen very soon. Whether the WrestleMania stipulation is accurate or not, only time will tell. Either way, the Hardys will receive the loudest ovation in a long, long time when or wherever they do appear.

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