One of the biggest moments of WrestleMania 33 (and to be honest, probably the biggest since AJ Styles' debut) was the return of Matt and Jeff Hardy. People were pumped to see Team Xtreme return home to the WWE after a long absence. However, since their return, a lot of speculation has been made about their future.

It is no secret that TNA/Impact/Anthem has been making life for the Hardys hell. They have been trying to legal handcuff the pair over Matt's 'Broken Universe'. Basically, both parties are claiming ownership over the gimmick. Matt wants to use what he created, TNA wants to get paid. In fact, until their current legal situation is remedied, Matt can't be 'broken' on TV.

But, from the sounds of the online rumor mill, a 'Broken' Matt Hardy WWE debut may not be far off. According to Cageside Seats, instead of fighting a long drawn legal battle, WWE has just straight up bought the 'Broken Universe' from TNA and Anthem Sports. It is also being rumored that the Raw Tag Team Champs will soon be split with Jeff going on as the 'Charismatic Enigma' and Matt transitioning into 'Broken' Matt Hardy.

We'll see if the rumors are true are soon enough and see how exactly WWE makes that jump when the time comes. Either way, I'm pretty damn excited to finally see Broken Matt take on Bray Wyatt. It truly is an EXTRAORDINARY time to be a fan of MeekMahan's Entertaining Wrestling.


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