With all of the big returns WWE has welcomed over the last few years, there's almost nothing left that could be a huge surprise. But this one would be a solid surprise.

With Raw 25 happening last month, we saw a lot of returns, like Brother Love, The Boogeyman, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a whole bunch more. We also just had the Royal Rumble, which featured a ton or surprises. Mostly they were on-off appearances between the two events, but we're hearing rumors now that one of them might be a true return.

During the Royal Rumble, The Hurricane, Shane Helms, returned to the ring. It was an incredible moment, with a big "pop" from the crowd.

Helms is close friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy, who recently returned to the WWE, and they could be lobbying for his return. But even if the Hardy's aren't, the WWE Universe clearly made their voices heard during the Royal Rumble.

The Hurricane is rumored to be heading to the 205 Live brand that WWE has developed, which could be great news for that brand. Hurricane could bring a lot of "old school" fans to the new product.

Time will tell if we get a full time return out of him. But at least for now, we're under a Hurricane watch.

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