Tonight in the Washington D.C. metro members of Congress will gather outside the halls of government. As usual, the Democrats and Republicans will be on opposite sides when this gathering commences. While they may be on opposite sides of political ideology, tonight when they play a charity baseball game they will be united by a tragic event.

It's true it will be Republicans versus Democrats but there will be a striking similarity between the two teams. That common theme will be the purple and gold colors of LSU. It was announced yesterday that to honor Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana both teams would wear gear representing the congressman's home state.

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The congressional baseball game benefits The Washington Literacy Center, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation has been a 108-year tradition among members of our nation's legislative branch.

Scalise, who serves Louisiana's 1st Congressional District, is an avid baseball fan. It was during a practice for this game that the congressman and four others were wounded by a gunman who appeared to be politically motivated in his actions. The shooter is now deceased.


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