The Confederate Monument in front of the Caddo Courthouse has been vandalized again. Someone spray painted foul language directed at a racist group.


We don't know when the vandals struck, but believe it was at least a week ago.

Jackie Nichols with the Daughters of the Confederacy says "we were made aware of it yesterday afternoon when a member happened to be driving by it and took a photo."

She added

We immediately called the building and grounds supervisor at the courthouse and he informed us that it actually happened a week ago but did not contact us.  Last time we asked for their help we were told that we would have to go through the parish attorney.  The parish attorney knows about it but chose not to contact us or our attorney.  Now we have to remove paint that has "baked" on for a week.

Nichols tells KEEL News she went out to the monument and cleaned off the foul language.

But we were made aware of another possible problem. Nichols says she was told by the building and grounds supervisor that the cameras were not working on the day the vandals struck, so there is no video of the incident. KEEL News is working to find out if that is indeed the case.

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