Last night, Conan O’Brien visited ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ – his first appearance on that show in over 13 years and his first late-night appearance since being fired as host of ‘The Tonight Show.’ Naturally with their combined dislike of Jay Leno, you could see where the interview would be going…

It didn’t take long before Letterman brought up Jay Leno with Conan who quipped he had no idea the topic would come up.  Said Conan of their interview and the eventual Leno discussion:

“You know [Leno is] watching right now. He’s getting a live feed in a satellite truck right now, watching every second.”

For his part, Letterman said he was “delighted” by everything that went down with Leno, Conan and ‘The Tonight Show’ with the exception, of course, of Conan losing his job.  They each did their Leno impressions – the squeaky voice, the head bob, etc. – and generally had a few laughs at ‘The Tonight Show’ host’s expense. All in good fun (ahem).

You can watch clips from David Letterman’s interview with Conan O’Brien’s below:

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