As medical researchers probe deeper and deeper into what makes the COVID-19 virus thrive and survive, they are finding out more and more ways to mitigate its spread. Perhaps one of the more interesting breakthroughs in the battle against the virus was announced last week.

CEBINA GmbH, an Austrian biotech company announced positive test results stemming from a COVID-19 drug repurposing project. In that project, researchers identified that the nasal spray Azelastine was a potential topical preventative or post-exposure anti-COVID-19 approach.

Azelastine is a fairly common antihistamine that is currently available. Researchers found that the drug was demonstrated to be a highly promising preventative and/or post-exposure COVID-19 solution. It is often marketed in the United States under the brand names of Astelin, Astelin- Ready Spray, and Astepro. It is available in the United States via prescription only.

The company is working to confirm the results of the recently concluded study. The company has applied for patent protection for its findings and is expected to release the scientific data from its study.

So, this is still in the testing stages. In the meantime, it is our hope that you will continue to follow the best practices prescribed by your healthcare professional to keep yourself and your family safe.


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